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Public Tenders
Tender No Tender Title Due Date
21000180-HD-11770 Architectural Services -SCZofc 29-Nov-2021 11:00
21000089-HD-11750 TANK BOTTOM RAISING WORKS CBOT 29-Nov-2021 15:00
21000285-HD-10120 Sply&Inst of E&I eqpmnts @2G 29-Nov-2021 15:00
21000638-HD-10157 SITC MFM SKID at NWZ Locs 29-Nov-2021 15:00
21000114-HD-46009 GREEN H2 ELECTROLYSER SYSTEM 30-Nov-2021 15:00
21000262-HD-10120 Steel Plates for DW tanks HCPL 30-Nov-2021 15:00
21000678-HD-10157 CIVIL SOR 30-Nov-2021 15:00
21000674-HD-10157 SUPPLY OF ROYAL ENFIELD EMPTY 30-Nov-2021 15:00
21000007-HC-16003 Invitation of EOI for CBG 01-Dec-2021 15:00
21000681-HD-10157 Feasibility for Solar 01-Dec-2021 15:00
21000046-HD-11600 SOR for HZB/Tata SA in Ranchi 01-Dec-2021 15:00
21000077-HD-11120 EV Chargers & HCD-NCZ 02-Dec-2021 14:30
21000673-HD-10157 VG8_VG12 Base Oil_HPCL_Chennai 02-Dec-2021 15:00
21000707-HD-10157 SWC Works - Warangal Region 02-Dec-2021 15:00
21000047-HD-11600 SOR for DGO/DHB SA in Ranchi R 03-Dec-2021 15:00
21000592-HD-10157 Predictive Analytics based MNT 03-Dec-2021 15:00
21000694-HD-10157 SUPPLY OF HDPE CONTAINERS 03-Dec-2021 15:00
21000697-HD-10157 SUPP TNDR BLK POL TPTN NALGARH 03-Dec-2021 15:00
21000703-HC-10157 EOI FOR LED EMPANELMENT 03-Dec-2021 15:00
21000711-HD-10157 EPMC SERVICES - UP/UK/JS CGD_ 03-Dec-2021 15:00
21000726-HD-10157 CIVIL SOR 04 DGRO 03-Dec-2021 15:00
21000048-HD-11600 SOR for RNC/DTO SA in Ranchi R 06-Dec-2021 15:00
21000609-HD-10157 CNG COMPOSITE:ELECTRICAL : UP 06-Dec-2021 15:00
21000702-HC-10157 EOI FOR AIR AND NITROGEN TOWER 06-Dec-2021 15:00
21000704-HD-10157 Const.of IFRVTank@Hassan TML 06-Dec-2021 15:00
21000708-HD-10157 Arunachal Pradesh Civil Sor 06-Dec-2021 15:00
21000659-HD-10157 LUBE WH & SEC. TPTN VIJAYAWADA 07-Dec-2021 15:00
21000679-HD-10157 Arch. Serv. for Vashi office 07-Dec-2021 15:00
21000718-HD-10157 HOT REPAIR OF CYLS NWZ 07-Dec-2021 15:00
21000715-HD-10157 SUPPLY OF IBC CONTAINER 07-Dec-2021 15:00
21000705-HD-10157 SUPPLY OF PPCP BUCKET 07-Dec-2021 15:00
21000717-HD-10157 HOT REPAIR OF CYLS NCZ 08-Dec-2021 15:00
21000716-HD-10157 HOT REPAIR OF CYLS WEST ZONE 08-Dec-2021 15:00
21000713-HD-10157 DEVELOPMENT WORKS - COCHIN RO 08-Dec-2021 15:00
21000755-HD-10157 CENTRAL FMS SERVICES 2022-25 09-Dec-2021 15:00
21000714-HD-10157 LED Lights for NCZ, SCZ, WZ 09-Dec-2021 15:00
21000741-HD-10157 Civil SOR PRO 10-Dec-2021 15:00
21000740-HD-10157 CIVIL SOR JAMMU HILLS JKRO 10-Dec-2021 15:00
21000736-HD-10157 CIVIL SOR JAMMU PLAINS JKRO 10-Dec-2021 15:00
21000120-HD-46009 AR/VR/MR Simulation Training 10-Dec-2021 15:00
21000742-HD-10157 CIVIL SOR - JLRO NZ 10-Dec-2021 15:00
21000033-HD-12600 Testing of DPT Cylinders 10-Dec-2021 15:00
21000709-HC-10157 EOI for additives 13-Dec-2021 15:00
21000746-HD-10157 CIVIL SOR BATHINDA 13-Dec-2021 15:00
21000744-HD-10157 CIVIL SOR-CRRO 13-Dec-2021 15:00
21000743-HD-10157 CIVIL SOR HISAR RO_21-22 13-Dec-2021 15:00
21000728-HD-10157 LNG CSA Works: MHASVE 13-Dec-2021 15:00
21000662-HD-10157 Gas Over Oil Actuated Ball VLV 14-Dec-2021 15:00
21000724-HD-10157 LCNG SYS CIVIL WORKS - GA 50 14-Dec-2021 15:00
21000747-HD-10157 CIVIL JOBS GRO 14-Dec-2021 15:00
21000738-HD-10157 PKD LPG TPTN KHAPRI LPG PLANT 15-Dec-2021 15:00
21000749-HD-10157 30 KL Bunded Tank_Aviation 15-Dec-2021 15:00
21000729-HD-10157 CENTRAL FOAM SYSTEM FOR HVLRM 15-Dec-2021 15:00
21000113-HD-46009 Supply of APH assembly 42FP01 16-Dec-2021 15:00
21000631-HD-10157 PERMISSION & ROUTE SURVEY 16-Dec-2021 15:00
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