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Public Tenders
Tender No Tender Title Due Date
21000524-HD-10157 CIVIL WORK UNDER PRRO 20-Sep-2021 15:00
21000504-HD-10157 Arch. Serv. for HPNE Housing 20-Sep-2021 15:00
21000503-HD-10157 Arch. Serv. for Vashi office 20-Sep-2021 15:00
21000458-HD-10157 RE-PACKING ( 500ML - HDPE/PET) 20-Sep-2021 15:00
21000450-HD-10157 CGS WORK-SV01F-CGD WB 20-Sep-2021 15:00
21000525-HD-10157 SOR FOR CIVIL WORK-MADURAI 20-Sep-2021 15:00
21000060-HD-46009 FCCU-I Cyclones Replacement 21-Sep-2021 15:00
21000448-HD-10157 PACKED BITUMEN RAKE TPT_21-24 21-Sep-2021 15:00
21000214-HD-10120 Supply of CI at VVSPL 22-Sep-2021 15:00
21000515-HD-10157 S/I OF HIGH MAST UNDER SCZ 22-Sep-2021 15:00
21000489-HD-10157 CIVIL SOR- Ahmedabad 23-Sep-2021 15:00
21000490-HD-10157 CIVIL SOR:VARO 23-Sep-2021 15:00
21000492-HD-10157 CIVIL SOR- JAIPUR RETAIL RO 23-Sep-2021 15:00
21000493-HD-10157 Civil SOR Jodhpur RO 23-Sep-2021 15:00
21000494-HD-10157 CIVIL SOR - KOTA RRO 24-Sep-2021 15:00
21000473-HD-10157 AUTOMATION @ SITARGANJ DEPOT 24-Sep-2021 15:00
21000471-HD-10157 CCTV UPGRADATION LPG SBU 24-Sep-2021 15:00
21000066-HD-46009 Structured Packing 12 C 01 24-Sep-2021 15:00
21000064-HD-46009 AR/VR/MR Simulation Training 24-Sep-2021 15:00
21000495-HD-10157 CIVIL SOR RAJKOT RO 24-Sep-2021 15:00
21000508-HD-10157 ATF TPTN MRIGRM TO KOLKATA ASF 27-Sep-2021 15:00
21000487-HD-10157 Supply of Assorted Valves @CGD 28-Sep-2021 15:00
21000517-HD-10157 CNG Fac-Arambagh Depot-CGD WB 28-Sep-2021 15:00
21000530-HD-10157 Solar Project in 3 Plants 28-Sep-2021 15:00
21000523-HD-10157 NRO MODERNISATION/DEVELOP WORK 29-Sep-2021 15:00
21000531-HD-10157 CIVIL SOR-MEERUT, MO'BD, NOIDA 29-Sep-2021 15:00
21000226-HD-10120 Supply of Telecom Spares VVSPL 30-Sep-2021 15:00
21000526-HD-10157 COMMERCIAL METER : UP CLUSTER 30-Sep-2021 15:00
21000545-HD-10157 CIVIL SOR SILIGURI RO 30-Sep-2021 15:00
21000005-HC-16003 Invitation of EOI for CBG 01-Oct-2021 15:00
21000551-HD-10157 CIVIL SOR_DURGAPUR 02 01-Oct-2021 15:00
21000225-HD-10120 Electrical Maint services@RRPS 05-Oct-2021 15:00
21000532-HD-10157 CIVIL SOR PROJECT JOBS 05-Oct-2021 15:00
21000533-HD-10157 CIVIL KANPUR RO 05-Oct-2021 15:00
21000534-HD-10157 Civil SOR-Lucknow RRO 05-Oct-2021 15:00
21000552-HD-10157 REVAMPING OF CP SYSTEM@MLIF 08-Oct-2021 15:00
21000468-HD-48002 NPCB 21:Bypass conductor-Tanks 11-Oct-2021 13:30
21000222-HD-10120 BV WORKS IN HCPL 11-Oct-2021 15:00
21000540-HC-10157 EOI for UCO Biodiesel 11-Oct-2021 15:00
21000064-HD-48009 HAZARDOUS WASTE SHED 12-Oct-2021 13:30
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