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Public Tenders
Tender No Tender Title Due Date
21000060-HD-11770 RETAIL OUTLET MANAGEMENT SERVI 22-Jun-2021 11:00
21000090-HD-10157 PL LAYING IN GA 10.46 N&B 22-Jun-2021 15:00
21000091-HD-10157 PL LAYING IN GA 10.39 EFH 22-Jun-2021 15:00
21000149-HD-10157 S&I OF SMART PYLON-EZ 22-Jun-2021 15:00
21000165-HD-10157 ODORIZING SYSTEM FOR WB-CGD 22-Jun-2021 15:00
21000053-HD-10157 RVI WORKS IN EAST ZONE REGIONS 22-Jun-2021 15:00
21000178-HD-10157 Simulation Software for TAS 22-Jun-2021 15:00
21000186-HD-10157 182 KG OPEN TOP DRUMS-MAZGAON 22-Jun-2021 15:00
21000185-HD-10157 Tankage Works@Indore New IRD 22-Jun-2021 15:00
21000001-HD-10125 STABINGER VISCOMETER 23-Jun-2021 15:00
21000054-HD-10155 SDA pilot plant 23-Jun-2021 15:00
21000101-HD-10120 EPMC Services for VRPL Project 23-Jun-2021 15:00
21000098-HD-10120 Check Valves_28" and 14" 23-Jun-2021 15:00
21000213-HD-10157 Chain Coveyor works Sitarganj 23-Jun-2021 15:00
21000114-HD-10120 NIFPS for VVSPL Transformers 24-Jun-2021 15:00
21000233-HD-10157 CIVIL KANPUR RO 24-Jun-2021 15:00
21000212-HD-10157 BULK POL TPTN MALDA - GUWAHATI 24-Jun-2021 15:00
21000024-HD-48009 MR II - Vapour recovery - VRU 25-Jun-2021 14:00
21000119-HD-10120 S&I OF MFM VVSPL RKPL MDPL 25-Jun-2021 15:00
21000147-HD-10157 Ent.Data Repository/ Analytics 25-Jun-2021 15:00
21000188-HD-10157 TFMS-RCD VATVA GUNTAKAL KURLA 25-Jun-2021 15:00
21000069-HD-10155 Supply of NTO Pilot Plant 25-Jun-2021 15:00
21000221-HD-10157 AUTOMATION WORKS AT PATALGANGA 25-Jun-2021 15:00
21000224-HD-10157 UPPER ASSAM SOR'21 25-Jun-2021 15:00
21000226-HD-10157 LOWER ASSAM SOR'21 25-Jun-2021 15:00
21000229-HD-10157 CIVIL SOR PROJECT JOBS 25-Jun-2021 15:00
21000251-HD-10157 CIVIL SOR - BIJNOR,BLY,S'PUR 25-Jun-2021 15:00
21000230-HD-10157 CIVIL SOR-SAMBALPUR RO 25-Jun-2021 15:00
21000012-HD-11350 PARKING DEVELOPMENT CIVIL WORK 28-Jun-2021 14:00
21000002-HD-10125 SMART QUENCHOMETER 28-Jun-2021 15:00
21000025-HD-10157 SUPPLY OF IBC CONTAINER 28-Jun-2021 15:00
21000063-HD-10155 HP Catalyst Testing Unit & AMC 28-Jun-2021 15:00
21000116-HD-10157 SS&Electrical Composite Works 28-Jun-2021 15:00
21000117-HD-10120 Sply of ICSS 28-Jun-2021 15:00
21000191-HD-10157 Canopy - MH State WZ 28-Jun-2021 15:00
21000193-HC-10157 EOI for Poly supplier Empanelm 28-Jun-2021 15:00
21000214-HD-10157 LNG STO&REGAS SYS-PROCESS GA50 28-Jun-2021 15:00
21000231-HD-10157 Compound wall Ph 1 raipur 28-Jun-2021 15:00
21000235-HD-10157 S/F/I RVI IN SCZ 29-Jun-2021 15:00
21000234-HD-10157 STC MFM&Master MFM Skid at SCZ 29-Jun-2021 15:00
21000201-HD-10157 CCTV Revamping NCZ FY 21-22 29-Jun-2021 15:00
21000068-HD-10155 H-CNG pilot plant and AMC 29-Jun-2021 15:00
21000069-HD-11770 RETAIL OUTLET MANAGEMENT SRVC 30-Jun-2021 11:00
21000002-HC-16003 Invitation of EOI for CBG 30-Jun-2021 15:00
21000242-HD-10157 F/S/I -SMART PYLONS SCZ 30-Jun-2021 15:00
21000244-HD-10157 VRU Piping & Civil job @6loc 30-Jun-2021 15:00
21000245-HD-10157 MANPOWER SUPPLY @ MZTML 30-Jun-2021 15:00
21000249-HD-10157 CIVIL SOR BHOPAL RO 30-Jun-2021 15:00
21000199-HC-10157 EOI-1 for Mobile Dispenser 30-Jun-2021 17:00
21000198-HD-10157 Sup and Inst. of RVI under NZ 01-Jul-2021 15:00
21000183-HD-10157 Supp./inst of Smart Pylon NZ 01-Jul-2021 15:00
21000078-HD-10155 Liquid Phase HDT Unit & AMC 01-Jul-2021 15:00
21000031-HD-10157 EndtoEndSoln_IPS 01-Jul-2021 15:00
21000222-HD-10157 STEEL PIPELINE FOR CGD: WB CL 01-Jul-2021 15:00
21000261-HD-10157 SWC Works Khm/Wgl/Nalgonda SA 01-Jul-2021 15:00
21000248-HD-10157 SUPPLY INSTRUMENTATION CABEL 01-Jul-2021 15:00
21000238-HD-10157 Req. of Domestic Mtr. Jind-snp 01-Jul-2021 15:00
21000112-HD-10120 Mechanical Works @2G 02-Jul-2021 15:00
21000280-HD-10157 Prefab Canopy NCZ 02-Jul-2021 15:00
21000167-HD-10157 PRE-FABRICATION SS TANKS - EZ 05-Jul-2021 15:00
21000205-HD-10157 Pkd Transportation- Jamshedpur 06-Jul-2021 15:00
21000252-HD-10157 SOLAR POWER PLANTS AT 3 LOC. 06-Jul-2021 15:00
21000266-HD-10157 TT Induction for 4th&5th Year 06-Jul-2021 15:00
21000262-HD-10157 SITC of CCTV Revmp&Upgrdtn@SCZ 07-Jul-2021 15:00
21000219-HD-10157 Supply of Brake Fluids 08-Jul-2021 15:00
21000239-HD-10157 Req. of Indust.Skids @ Jnd-Snp 08-Jul-2021 15:00
21000282-HD-10157 POL TPTN HALDWANI HILLY 21-22 09-Jul-2021 15:00
21000132-HD-10120 EPMC SERVICES BSPL 09-Jul-2021 15:00
21000122-HD-10120 Electrical VFD,MOV cable sply 12-Jul-2021 15:00
21000265-HC-10157 EOI for UCO BIODIESEL 17-Jul-2021 15:00
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